What about the fiberglass memory foam mattress? How to ensure safety and comfort. Like a car seat, a crib mattress is a vital baby necessity to investigate. The Baby’s resting area must be secure. Ask a shop clerk if you’re unsure which brands are most trustworthy. Read internet reviews on parents’ mattresses. Visit a few shops to compare models. Look for solid yet comfy mattresses (no protruding coils or rock-hard foam). Firmness prevents SIDS. All steel-spring or high-density foam crib mattresses are firm enough for infants. Find the equilibrium by pressing the mattress’s core and ensuring it bounces back.


Higher coil count equals tighter coils, creating a more rigid surface. A lower steel gauge denotes thicker steel. The essential cushioning layers of an innerspring mattress are constructed of PET polyester recovered from plastic water bottles, which works as a hypoallergenic cushion. These baby mattresses are popular since they are lightweight and less costly than innerspring. Upgrade with border rods, weight distribution bars, corner guards, and steel clips. They’ll all strengthen the mattress’ core.


Observe a 1.5-pound-per-cubic-foot polyurethane foam core. Higher lb/ft3 means heavier core. Less is gentler. Bonded polyester fiber  cores are a cheaper alternative to foam, although they’re not ‘high-density.’ Foam mattresses weigh 8 to 13 pounds. High-density margins protect toddler-sitting sides.


You’ll be changing the bed often, often in the middle of the night, so the mattress should be easy to lift. Any mattress between 10 and 20 pounds should be acceptable.


Even if you use a sheet saver and baby mattress pad, be sure your mattress is waterproof. With added protection, accidents can’t penetrate the mattress.


Your child will spend a lot of time on the mattress, so choose safe materials. GREENGUARD certified mattress chemical emissions. An independent lab has evaluated a licensed bed to ensure your Baby’s air purity.

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You’ll spend extra on an organic mattress, and many baby mattresses include steel and plastics. Some parents choose organic cushions or coverings. Ensure the bed has a more potent substance to retain its shape (organic cotton doesn’t bounce back as well as other fibres). Look for an eco-friendly solution to waterproof organic cotton coverings.


A high price tag doesn’t always indicate more excellent quality; sometimes, you’re just paying for more features. Some manufacturers have made crib mattresses for so long and completed so many quality testing that even the cheapest bed is high-quality.